Laser Facial

Laser Facials work using our ND YAG Laser, heating the underlying layers of the skin. This process will reduce redness and inflammation, stimulate collagen and elastin causing the skin to smooth and tighten, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, reduce pore size, eliminate dirt, oil, and bacteria, and give the skin an overall glow.

New Laser Hair Removal Packages:
Small Areas:
Back of Neck, Front of Neck, One Facial Area, Hands, Feet, Areola, Abline
Medium Areas:
2+ Facial Areas, Full Face/Beard, Scalp, Shoulders, Underarms, Sacrum, Buttocks, Female Brazilian, Half Arms
Large Areas:
Full Arms, Back, Upper Chest, Stomach, Lower Legs, Full Back
XLarge Areas:
Full Legs, Full Back Extension (Full Back, Neck, Shoulders), Full Chest and Stomach
General Pricing:
3 Small Treatments
3 Medium Treatments
3 Large Treatments
3 XLarge Treatments
6 Small Treatments
6 Medium Treatments
6 Large Treatments
6 XLarge Treatments
1 Small Treatment
1 Medium Treatment
1 Large Treatment
1 XLarge Treatment